What To Wear Running On Your Period

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I recently shared how I chose a half marathon race day strategy based on where I was in my menstrual cycle, and it seems that running on your period, or your period landing on your race day can cause some anxiety.

The thing is, your menstrual cycle is a sign of good health and really, it’s the ability to manage your symptoms throughout your cycle that will help you to get the best out of yourself on any given day.

One major aspect of running during your period is comfort, and what are the best products to use; because running your period with a pad is a bad idea. Have you ever done it?! You end up with a sweaty, disintegrated pile of plastic at the end.

I’ve spoken lots about reducing the use of plastic with period products, and my in-depth review of my favourite period pants from WUKA, I decided to write a post sharing specific period pants and period leggings which work well for running on your period.

Best Period Leggings For Running On Your Period

Here’s a list of some of the best period leggings, shorts and period pants for running on your period:

If you’re wondering how period leggings work, they are basically just underwear, usually with a built in absorbent pad which soaks up your menstrual flow and locks it away. Typically period products have a life of 2 years dependant on usage.

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WUKA Period Leggings – Medium Flow 

If you don’t already know, I’m a massive fan of WUKA period pants and their entire ethos.

The WUKA Period Leggings are basically leggings with a pair of their Perform Seamless period pants integrated. This means you can actually wear them as your period pants rather than just a back up.

Being medium absorbency –  around 2-3 tampons – I personally would be able to use these in the first 1-2 days of my period with a menstrual cup, then on their own after that.

A big win for the WUKA Period Leggings for running are that they have a pocket on the thigh, which is useful for holding a phone or running nutrition.

And although these period leggings are made for being active – including running – they’d be perfect for any of your daily activities.

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Adidas Techfit Period-Proof 7/8 Leggings

I got these period proofs leggings from adidas back in early 2022 when I started run coaching. Not being able to choose when to run on some occasions, I knew I would need a product to support me when travelling, running and coaching.

These period leggings are designed with adidas Flow Shield, a three-layer pad that wicks and absorbs. They are definitely made to be work with another period product – such as a tampon or menstrual cup – to help you keep moving.

The adidas website actually says you can wear them with a pad too, but I wouldn’t recommend that, for reasons already share above.

I love that the waistband is high, so they don’t sit on or press on the areas I’m like to have discomfort during my period. The pocket on the thigh is large enough to hold a phone and it feels secure enough while running. Mesh panels behind the knees and lower legs keep improve breathability too.

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WUKA Period Sports Shorts – Medium Flow

I’m not really the running in shorts type of gal to be honest, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for others. Like the WUKA Period Leggings, you can use these WUKA Period Shorts as your main period product or with a back up depending on your flow.

The shorts are medium flow, so they hold around 2-3 tampons worth and are ideal for Ideal for running, long-distance walking, gym, bootcamp or even just for day to day use.

With pockets on the side, I’m not exactly sure how practical they are in reality.

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WUKA Perform™ Seamless Midi Brief – Various Flows

I’ve got a couple pairs of these seamless period pants from WUKA and the heavy flow versions are definitely one of my favourites. They hold 4 tampons worth and are also available in Medium Flow and Light Flow.

I love the smooth silky feel of these period pants but you do have to be careful with washing and caring for them as too much heat can cause the glue to separate at the seams.

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What’s your favourite product to use for running on your period?


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