Mistakes I made with my eating habits in my 20s and 30s

Mistakes I made with my eating habits in my 20s and 30s… oh boy, there were a lot of them!


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Long story short, I was a sugar monster for most of my 20s, even into my 30s, until I really got my eating habits under control by changing my diet and lifestyle. 


No joke – my mother-in-law nicknamed me “cookie monster.”


I was that person; if there was a plate of cookies around me, I couldn’t have one or two. I had to have 10 cookies or ALL the cookies. And I couldn’t stop thinking about those cookies until they were all gone. 


Why was I like this? Why was I constantly craving sugar? 



Mistakes I made with my eating habits in my 20s and 30s


Mistake #1 I wasn’t fueling my body properly. 


I was so active doing marathons and cross fit, but I wasn’t eating the right foods. I craved energy and got it from sugar and carbohydrates – which only supplied a quick fix. 


Mistake #2 I misunderstood the 80/20 lifestyle. 


80% of my diet was straight-up sugar, and 20% was the good healthy stuff.


Mistake #3 I thought that calories in / calories out was the only thing that mattered. 


I ate so much fake, low-calorie processed food. I was having those Fiber One bars, Light and fit yogurt, and all sorts of weird protein bars with fake sugars in it…you get the picture. 


Now you tell me – can you relate to any of these mistakes? If so, I want to remind you it has taken like a decade of my life to figure all this out (maybe more). 


You can overcome your sugar cravings! If I did it, I know you can, too! 


Filling Food Swaps too Kick Sugar Cravings


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Listen, my journey with sugar cravings has been a long one (like at least a decade of my life). 


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know there was a long period of time where I couldn’t have peanut M&Ms in the house without eating them all. I’m talking about a BIG bag, not the little ones. 


I literally had no control about certain foods. 


There are a lot of mistakes I was making with my eating habits. 


Eating zero-calorie noodles, the high fiber cereal, the light and fit yogurt, and really just paying attention to calories was a huge one. 


See, I WASN’T paying attention to the MACRO balance. 



I even said this to my husband probably like a week ago. I said to him when I eat real food, I don’t crave sugar. 


When I eat regularly planned meals throughout the day, and they are macro-balanced (protein, carbs, fat, and fiber), I do not have crazy cravings. I am full, I am satisfied, and my blood sugar is balanced. It’s a win-win. 


One of the first steps to doing this is changing your mindset from calories in calories out to macros. 


You can start learning about and focusing on macros In my 7-day sugar-free meal plan!


I give you a week-long sample meal plan with what to eat, when to eat it, a grocery store list, and recipes that can help you as far as balancing your blood sugar and helping you with your sugar cravings.


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