Last Minute Gift Ideas For Runners under £150

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Happy Holidays! It’s time to get some gift ideas for the runners in your life or get yourself some goodies, maybe?! I usually work on a 2:1 ratio, every two gifts for my favourite runner, there needs to be one for me, no?!

I’m not the biggest fan of putting together gift guides, which is why it’s always last minute. But after blogging for nearly 12 years, I figured it was about time I shared my thoughts on the best gifts for all the runners out there. I’ve tried a lot of great products over the years and have a wishlist of my own which is what I’ve used to create this list of gifts. 

I’ve categorised my best gift ideas by the type of runner friend you are shopping for. So here is what you’ll find in this runners gift guide:

Gift Ideas For:

  • New Runner
  • Road Runner
  • Treadmill Addict 
  • Trail Runner
  • Run Commuters

All the options make for best running gifts ranging from small items and upwards, but majority (like 99%) are under £150. 

Gifts For New Runners

If you’re new to running and an active lifestyle, the perfect present is probably something super practical. As much as everyone says “running” is free”, we all know that’s not true. But a decent pair of trainers, a sports bra and recovery tools are the most practical gifts in my opinion. 


Forerunner 55

Cost: £££

The Garmin Forerunner 55 from Garmin makes a great entry level sports watch for runners.

The Garmin app also provides free training plans to follow for structure and guidance.


Cost: £

The perfect antidote to sore and tired muscles when you’re new to running.

In spray format, you target the muscles that worked directly and reduce recovery time and improve sleep. Perfect stocking filler.

OOFOS Slides

Cost: £

These are the perfect post run slippers for indoors or outdoors. Make sure they’re packed in your bag for your first race day or post parkrun.


Cost: £

Stay hyper-visible on darker runs and walks with a storm-proof, rechargeable head torch.

Running Belt

Cost: £

Useful for storing keys, phone and other small items whilst out on a run.

Flipbelt are the gold standard of running belts. They may not be the cheapest but you only need one and they last a lifetime.

Gifts For The Road Runner

I feel like the road runner will be the broadest category. I’m thinking marathon runners, dipping your feet into multi-sports (duathlon or triathlon), improving on times and building up to longer runs. I’ve not included clothing here, nor kit specifically for winter months but you can check out my tips via the link below. 

OUTDOOR RUNNING Tips on the Blog:

Fenix 7S Solar

gps smartwatch fenix 7s solar

Cost: £££

We’re busting the budget for this one, but a more advanced gps smartwatch needed a mention. I bought the Fenix 6s Solar in 2022 (before this model came out) and love it.

It’s a new level of freedom being able to follow run routes from your watch in addition to all the other features.

Race Belt

Cost: £

This is a great choice for another stocking filler. A race belt is typically used in triathlon / duathlon but I also use for road running events so I don’t have to stick pins through my running clothes.


Cost: £/££

Shokz are IMO, the best running headphones. The OpenMove are the best value for money bone conducting earphones you can get.

You can get them in a few different colours now too.

Phone Holder

Cost: £

Quadlock will forever be my fav system for holding phones on the bike or when running. The armband is great as it’s secure and stops your phone getting sweaty in your thigh pocket (which is always risky).

Code ellelinton10 gets you 10% off your order.


Cost: ££

I’ve got a few pairs of SunGod sunglasses now and they’ve all stood the test of time.

The Zephrys are my current fav for  everyday or running, and you can customise pretty much every detail.

Gifts For The Treadmill Addict

I’m not judging anyone for skipping outdoor winter runs in favour of the treadmill. If I had space I’d 100% have one; I do have a walking pad though.

A treadmill run can also be super handy for long runs to save time planning routes, avoid bad weather and utilise a gym membership where you can do other things in the same session. 

Everything You Need To Know About RECOVERY:

Sweat Towel

Cost: £

This handy microfibre towel is perfect for catching sweat while running indoors. Even with a fan, a towel is a must have.

HR Monitor

Cost: £

If you’re not a fan of using a running watch or you’re training using heart rate, a standalone HR monitor is a great option.

You can read my full review, but the battery life is epic and they’re super easy to use on their own or with other devices.

Foam Roller

Cost: £

A foam roller makes a good gift for a more avid runner. Alleviate sore muscles from long training runs with a few minutes of stretching and foam rolling before and after.

Massage Guns

Cost: ££/£££

A massage gun makes a great gift idea for anyone suffering from tight muscles.

I’ve got this one but there is also a mini version which is ideal for taking on race day or travelling with.

Gifts For The Trail Runner

I’m pretty much a newbie on the trails, but I still love having all the gear and looking the part. I also love the fact that trail running is as much about snacking / the food as it is about the ‘running’. So having plenty of space to stash said snacks for a long day on the trails is essential; read on.


Running Vest

Cost: ££/£££

A running vest with a hydration pack is perfect for a long day on the trail. 

This one comes with two soft water bottles which are easy to drink from on the move. Theres also a small pocket where you can store energy gels or snacks.

The fabric and ‘lacing’ system are made from stretchy fabric enabling you to get the perfect fit. The compartment at the back is also large enough to store extra layers like a wind jacket. 

Trail Shoes

Cost: ££/£££

IMO and experience these are one of the best running shoes for trail running you can get.

They’re pretty true to your regular shoe size and are waterproof (tried and tested).

Thermal Gloves

Cost: £

Keep your fingers warm with thermal gloves that are touchscreen compatible – meaning you can stop Strava any time

Gifts For The Run Commuter

Last but not least, we have the run commuter. Early morning runs before a day at work, and maybe even a run home. A thoughtful gift this holiday season will go down a treat. 

Run commutes are a perfect way to squeeze in easy training runs especially if you have a race or event on the horizon.


Running Shoes

Cost: ££

The ASICS GEL-EXCITE Running Shoes are perfect to wear from run commute to work.

With exclusive GEL™ technology cushioning, these bouncy trainers will make running a breeze – shop now and get 20% off

Sports Bra

Cost: £

The Powerreact sports bra is a medium support pull-over bra made with adidas’ AERODRY tech for maximum moisture-wicking.

Available in different sizes including plus-size (1X-4X).

Comp’n Socks

Cost: £

A good pair of compression socks will support blood flow in the leg while you’re at work, helping to recover legs faster.

Choose the right work outfit and they’re perfectly hidden throughout the day.

I hope this post has helped you find the perfect gift for your favourite runner – or at least inspired some other super awesome idea?!

And just incase we don’t connect before the day itself, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


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