Best Selling Nike Shoes For Women’s Running | 2024

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Now I could write you a post and share the most searched for Nike shoes for women’s running, or, I could actually share the best selling nike shoes for women’s running actually shared by Nike last year. I went for the data backed option. 

Also, I’ve actually run in 4 of these models (or variations of) over recent years and each have been such a hit that I’ve ended up writing whole reviews on them. I’ve linked all the reviews after the list itself. 

With sharing this list, I also found some new running shoes that I need to try! There’s something for everyone in the list too – best sellers for long runs, new releases, flyknit technology for all day comfort, trail and road running shoes. 

They all come in a variety of colours so if you don’t see the colour you think you’d like here in the post, just hit the button to be taken directly to Nike to shop, including different versions of the shoe. 

Best Selling Nike Shoes For Women’s Running

I’ve linked my own reviews for the shoes I’ve actually run in below. I’ve also recently gotten the Nike Winkle 10’s so a review will be added below when I’ve tested the shoes and the post is live.

In Summary

You are gonna love these if… you’re a runner. Whether you’re a beginner runner or experienced, there’s something here for everyone.

Think twice if… you have anatomical issue like achilles tendonitis. If that’s the case, you might just wanna get a gait analysis done to check the shoes you’re running in already or about to choose.

Any of these women’s running shoes a favourite for you!?


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