Best adidas Running Shoes For The Average Runner 

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Although running has had to take a bit of a backseat for me this last year, due to health reasons, I’m still a runner. I’ve always classed myself as a runner restarter – having gone right back to Couch to 5k multiple times, but also having run for years with countless 10k’s, half marathons and trail events under my belt. 

I shared a list of my top 5 adidas trainers which covered cycling, lifestyle and running. This time I specifically wanna share my picks for the best trainers for women covering everything from running shoes for longer distances, shorter distances and everyday training shoes. 

My Pick Of The Best adidas Running Shoes

I’m representing for the casual runners, with my thoughts on the best running shoes that I’ve tried, tested and still personally own. They’re pretty much all a good choice for a neutral running shoe but vary based on distance, cushioning and cost.

If you suffer with foot pain from plantar fasciitis, these might work for you with personalised insoles, but I haven’t personally ever tried changing the insoles. 

adidas Adizero Boston 12 Shoes

The adidas Boston 12’s are actually the newest addition to my collection of running shoes which are ideal for mid to long runs. I loved the previous model – the Boston 11’s – which I used for Royal Parks Half Marathon race day and training (see Strava embed below) in 2022. 

I’m undecided if I love the latest version more than my 11’s. Personally I feel like the Boston 12’s have become a less aggressive version of the Adizero Adios Pro which I think are my all time fav, but we’ll get to those shortly.

Both of these shoes use the adidas carbon-infused ENERGYRODS instead of a carbon plate, and are cushioned with LIGHTSTRIKE PRO. The Bostons also have the durable continental rubber outsole for grip and traction in both wet and dry conditions.

To me the 11’s always kinda felt like a stability shoe for the plodding of a longer run, but I think that was down to being a firmer ride. Now the 12’s feel smoother with the changes in the plates. 

If you love the technical stuff then you’ll need to know they have a 38 mm heel drop, 31mm forefoot drop and 7mm midsole drop so yes, they are a slightly curved shape which is perfect for a mid-foot striker like me. For comparison they weigh 267g (in UK 8.5). 

I’ve always also had to size up 0.5 in the Bostons to UK 5. 

You are gonna love these if… you are looking for a neutral and responsive shoe which saves you in £ what you gain in grams. 

Think twice if… you’re only doing shorter runs, and don’t wanna spend £140 on running shoes right now. 

adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3.0

adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3.0

The adidas adios pro are a distance running shoe for the types of runners breaking boundaries, but that doesn’t stop me loving them. These running shoes have greater energy return, are super fast and were almost my top pick when I wanted to push. 

I always love the running on clouds feature and these kinda give you that with the Lightstrike Pro cushioning. 

With a 39.5 mm heel drop, 33mm forefoot drop and 6.5mm midsole drop you literally can’t stand still in these shoes. For comparison they are so light, weighing in at 238g (in UK 8.5). I size up to UK 5.5 in these shoes, although for the 2.0 I did actually wear my regular size (UK 5). 

You’ll love these if…. you want a shoe that is fast over long distances, with responsive cushioning. 

Think twice if… you don’t wanna break the bank with the £220 price tag. 

adidas Ultraboost Light

adidas Ultraboost Light
adidas Ultraboost 19

I didn’t think the Ultraboost range could get any lighter, but apparently it can with the newest generation of adidas BOOST foam. The Ultraboost range typically share the knit uppers (adidas PRIMEKNIT+ textile upper) which give a sock like feel and a breathable upper. 

Previous versions of Ultraboost used to be my all time favourite daily trainer but then I met the Solarglides (see below). I actually remember when the adidas Ultraboost first ever launched; it was in my running hey day and I literally loved and ran in those shoes till I had to get new ones wearing them for all my PB races.

You are gonna love these if… you are looking for a neutral and really responsive shoe. adidas say “the more energy you give, the more you get”

Think twice if… you want extra stability for flat feet. 

adidas Solarglide 6 Running Shoes

adidas Solarglide 6 Running Shoes

I first tried the adidas Solar glide when version 5 launched in 2022 (see picture above). I didn’t think I’d be a major fan but they quickly became my go to shoes for daily training. So when the 6’s came out, and in an all black version (cos my white ones got trashed), I went for it.

The 6s saw a much improved design with the laces which reduced the gaping holes the 5’s used to have making for a comfortable fit. I’ve found them true to size (as a UK 5) with a generous toe box perfect for wide feet. 

The Solarglides have a 36 mm heel drop, 26mm forefoot drop and 10mm midsole drop. For comparison they weigh 322g (in UK 8.5). These run true to size for me – I wear a UK 5. 

You’ll love these if…. you’re looking for a versatile shoe that’s also a really comfortable fit. 

Think twice if… you’re looking for a light, speedy race day shoe. 


I have two pairs of TERREX Agravic Flow trail running shoes – one regular pair and a GORE-TEX version for real wet or muddy conditions as per my local parkrun. I got the non GORE-TEX ones first which are perfect for warmer, drier weather with a really breathable mesh upper. 

As well as parkrun, I took these shoes to Wales for Love Trails Festival back in 2022. That’s where I learnt that you need to run ~100km to break them in, in order to make them super comfortable. I’m the type of runner who rotates shoes often and mostly runs shorter distances so I’ve yet to get to that point in either pairs of these trail running shoes. 

These trainers run small for me – I wear a UK 5.5. 

You’ll love these if…. you’re mostly found on the trails and can break these in quickly. 

Think twice if… you want a comfortable run instantly. 

For me, adidas has always been one of the top brand of running shoes for me with this list I’ve compiled all being such great shoes. 

Is your favourite on the list, or think you’ve found a new favourite?!


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